Art of Packaging is a full-service design agency. Studio process creative focused and is informed by market research.

We research visually, through tone of voice, and structural forms. Effective approaches are determined, helping establish creative directions that will work for the project.

Within a single product category there are many good approaches that will be successful. Which ones suit the project depends on product target market and brand messaging.

Combining studio research with client feedback, Creative Direction and (if project requires) Structural Design options are developed, presented and discussed.

Structural Design is tactile and both informs and is informed by Creative Direction. Part of developing each project is consideration of structural forms, materials, manufacturing and finishing methods working together.

Once Creative and Structural design directions are selected, designs are finessed into final forms. At this stage all parts of the project are looked at and developed in depth in comprehensive design systems.

Concurrenlty manufacturing options and creative production is set up.

Packaging manufacturing varies in machinery, setup requirements, material suppliers, minimum order quantities, etc.

As packaging is produced studio continues work developing campaigns, advertising, product photography, 3D renders, and environmental design.


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