Art of Packaging is a full-service branding and visual design agency, specializing in packaging design.

We create memorable brands & packaging that look different, stand out, and get noticed.

Where we stand out from other creative studios is our in-depth knowledge of packaging options, production, and manufacturing.

We speak the language of packaging and take clients from concept to in-hand product.

Typical studio project spans strategy, consultation, branding, visual design, structural design, creative production, material use, and manufacturing.

1. Creative Design:


Standalone products and product families. Naming, identity, art design, and direction.

Structural Design

Custom structural forms in glass, paper and plastics. Visual detailing and useful structural design features.

Graphic Design

Informationally clear, trend-aware, interesting designs that appeal to customers.


Utilizing materials, dielines, impositions and finishes to enhance branding, visual, and structural design.

2. Material Design:

Paper Materials

Countless colors, textures, thicknesses, use conditions and finishing suitabilities.

Structural Options

Boxes, bottles, tubes. In-fridge, on-shelf, in storage. Each form and destination has material considerations.

Plastic Materials

Anything is possible with plastic. Options, colors, marbling, speckling, recycling and biodegradabilty.


Inks, foils, coatings. Food-safe, protective, fridge and condensation proof, water resistant and many other options.

3. Custom Structural Forms:


Paper packaging in every possible shape. Closures, windows, locks, folds.

Glass Packaging

Embossed and custom glass shapes. Customization of existing models and development of new.

Flexible Packaging

Yet again, anything is possible with plastic: bags, bottles, vacuforms, trays


Structural shape finishing ensuring environmental suitability.

4. Branding & Strategy:


Naming, copy, slogans. Standalone start brands of larger product families.

Brand Strategy

There are multiple directions a brand can develop in. Tailored approaches to target product space and demographics.


Launching a brand. Activation of new products. Advertising and creative campaings.


Physical spaces, installations, shelves, windows. All forming an inseparable part of product.

Art of Packaging has worked internationally since 2014 with offices in Canada, United States, and Ukraine.


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