Say Hello Ice Cream Packaging. Cube shaped. Custom structural. Dipped in vibrant colors. Looking eye brandmark and a suite of animated characters for every ice cream flavour.





Structural Design

Project Info
Stacked display of Say Hello Sweets packaging boxes, showcasing a variety of flavors including Chocolate Nirvana, Vanilla & Co, Jam Session, Open Sesame, Café No-Lait, Mint to Be, Lemon Squeezy, Stay Mallow, and Meet Your Matcha. Each box features unique, playful illustrations and vibrant colors, emphasizing the brand's fun and diverse product range. The clear typography and organized layout enhance product visibility and appeal.
A detailed view of stacked Say Hello Sweets packaging boxes, each with distinct colorful illustrations representing different flavors. The design includes clear nutritional information and barcodes, ensuring practical functionality alongside visual appeal. The variety of colors and playful characters create an engaging and attractive presentation.
Close-up of the back of Say Hello Sweets packaging boxes, highlighting the nutritional information and manufacturing details for flavors such as Jam Session, Vanilla & Co, Meet Your Matcha, Monkey's Uncle, Chocolate Nirvana, and Open Sesame. The design maintains a clean and organized layout, ensuring clarity and ease of information access for consumers.

Lets not look like typical ice cream, - Say Hello asked. Looking eye brandmark was paired with hand drawn family of animated characters, and dipped in matching colors on bespoke structural cube packaging design.

Flat lay view of the Say Hello Sweets "Monkey's Uncle" packaging design, displaying the entire box layout including branding elements, ingredient illustrations, nutritional facts, and playful banana characters. The design combines a clean white base with green accents, creating a fresh and appealing look for this non-dairy frozen dessert.
Detailed close-up of Say Hello Sweets "Monkey's Uncle" packaging, focusing on the nutritional facts and manufacturing date. The playful design includes illustrations of bananas and a smiling macaron, set against a light green background. The clear and organized layout enhances the overall readability and consumer appeal of the packaging.
Close-up of Say Hello Sweets packaging for the "Monkey's Uncle" flavor, featuring playful illustrations of bananas on a clean white background. The text "say hello" in blue and red is prominently displayed, conveying a cheerful and inviting brand image. The packaging design highlights the non-dairy frozen dessert's fun and friendly character.

Made from food safe Aquapel paper, the structural is leak proof and glue free. Side folds snap into each other creating a tight seal.

Close-up of Say Hello Sweets packaging showcasing various flavors like Lemon Squeezy, Stay Mallow, Mint to Be, Chocolate Nirvana, and Monkey's Uncle. The design features charming illustrations of ingredients, such as lemons, marshmallows, mint leaves, chocolate bars, and bananas, each rendered in a playful and inviting style. The consistent use of vibrant colors and friendly typography reinforces the brand's joyful identity.

Saturated color palette paired with bright white paper created a clean, eye catching visual look combined with League Gothic and Rational monospace typography.


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