Packaging label for 'Winter Radish' microgreens on a chrome adhesive stock, reflecting a futuristic design ethos with metallic ink effects for enhanced shelf visibility.

Chrome finish. Metallic Color. Beams under sunlight. Glows in the fridge. Chock full of delicious nutrition.



Project Info
Packaging design for 'Micro Arugula' featuring a futuristic, space-age chrome label with green metallic text, displaying nutritional information and QR code for easy access to details.
Close-up view of a 'Brilliant Blend' microgreens packaging label, featuring a futuristic chrome finish and shimmering metallic ink effects. Label includes text for lettuce, radish, and pea shoots with a QR code and nutrition facts.
'Daikon Radish' microgreens label showcased on a reflective chrome surface, featuring a minimalist design with a QR code and washing instructions in metallic ink, emphasizing high nutritional content.
'Triton Radish' microgreens label with a metallic chrome finish highlighting the futuristic, space-age design theme. Includes essential washing and storage instructions, with a QR code for more information.