NutritionAide Microgreen Packaging. Chrome finish. Metallic Colors. Beams under sunlight. Glows in the fridge. Chock full of delicious nutrition.




Project Info
Packaging label for 'Winter Radish' microgreens on a chrome adhesive stock, reflecting a futuristic design ethos with metallic ink effects for enhanced shelf visibility.
Packaging design for 'Micro Arugula' featuring a futuristic, space-age chrome label with green metallic text, displaying nutritional information and QR code for easy access to details.
Close-up view of a 'Brilliant Blend' microgreens packaging label, featuring a futuristic chrome finish and shimmering metallic ink effects. Label includes text for lettuce, radish, and pea shoots with a QR code and nutrition facts.
'Daikon Radish' microgreens label showcased on a reflective chrome surface, featuring a minimalist design with a QR code and washing instructions in metallic ink, emphasizing high nutritional content.
'Triton Radish' microgreens label with a metallic chrome finish highlighting the futuristic, space-age design theme. Includes essential washing and storage instructions, with a QR code for more information.


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