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Studio process is easy to understand, fun to execute, and enjoyable for clients.

First, a look at the market establishes how categories relevant to the project present themselves. Visually, through tone of voice, and structural forms. Currently effective approaches are isolated, establishing potential directions that will work for the project.

Within a single product category there are many good approaches that will be successful. Which ones suit the project depends on product target market and brand messaging direction.

Combining research with client feedback on proposed  directions several fleshed out Visual Looks and (if project calls for it) Structural Designs are developed to select from.

Structural Design is tactile and works in combination with the Visual Looks. Part of developing each project is consideration of structural forms, materials, manufacturing and finishing methods.

Once a Look and Structural direction is established and approved final, polished design forms are finessed for production. Concurrently manufacturing is sourced and setup.

Packaging manufacturing varies in machinery, setup requirements, material suppliers, minimum order quantities, etc.

This process is repeatable, easy to for everyone involved, and produces results.

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