Altonics Produce Brand. Compostable Produce Stickers. Fruits, Roots, Vegetables, and Berries. Color matched to any item. A cohesive fun smile that reflects the taste of the producs behind it.





Project Info
Side view of a watermelon showcasing the Altonics produce sticker. The sticker, with its distinctive purple lip graphic and brand name "ALTONICS," is clearly visible against the watermelon’s green rind. The PLU code is also displayed on the sticker, providing necessary product information. The clean, minimalistic design of the sticker ensures it is functional and attractive. This view emphasizes the practical application of graphic design in produce branding, highlighting the expertise of the branding agency in creating effective and appealing packaging design.
An orange displaying the Altonics produce sticker prominently on its textured surface. The sticker, featuring a purple lip graphic and the brand name "ALTONICS," is accompanied by a PLU code and a green background that contrasts with the orange peel. The image showcases the bright and colorful design, making the sticker easily noticeable and reinforcing brand identity. This close-up view emphasizes the practical application of the sticker on various types of produce, highlighting the branding agency's expertise in creating effective packaging design.
A single, glossy eggplant with a vibrant Altonics produce sticker attached to its surface. The sticker, featuring a purple lip graphic, the brand name "ALTONICS," and a PLU code, stands out against the deep purple of the eggplant. The green calyx of the eggplant contrasts with its dark body, adding visual interest. The image highlights the sticker’s ability to adhere well to different produce textures while maintaining brand identity and providing necessary product information. This demonstrates the branding and graphic design skills of the design agency in creating a cohesive and practical produce sticker.
An entire watermelon with a prominent Altonics produce sticker affixed to its surface. The watermelon’s dark green stripes and lighter green background provide a natural contrast to the sticker. The Altonics sticker features a purple lip graphic and the brand name in green and white, along with a PLU code, making it easily recognizable. The image captures the simplicity and effectiveness of the produce sticker in a retail setting, emphasizing the importance of clear branding and effective graphic design. The overall presentation highlights the creative direction and branding expertise of the design studio involved in this project.

An extended brand color system was developed to ensure strong contrast and brandmark visibility regardless of produce color..

Detailed close-up of an Altonics produce sticker on a watermelon. The sticker features a striking purple lip graphic, the brand name "ALTONICS" in modern typography, and a PLU code, all set against a green background. The close-up view highlights the texture and details of both the sticker and the watermelon’s rind. The design showcases the integration of branding and packaging design elements, emphasizing clarity, readability, and aesthetic appeal. This image illustrates the effectiveness of the branding agency’s work in creating a visually engaging and informative produce sticker.
Close-up image of a green watermelon with a vibrant, eye-catching Altonics produce sticker. The sticker features a stylized purple lip graphic and the brand name "ALTONICS" in a modern font, along with the PLU code 2933. The sticker design is highlighted against the watermelon’s textured, variegated green rind, showcasing the branding and graphic design elements in a clear and impactful way. The sticker demonstrates effective use of color contrast and branding, essential for product identification and consumer appeal. The creative direction emphasizes Altonics' commitment to quality and distinctive brand presence.

The rebranding campaign was executed through a series of eye-catching and imaginative advertisements. Each ad features produce in unconventional and playful setups, complemented by witty slogans that add a layer of sophistication and humor.

An engaging poster highlighting innovative label packaging design, featuring a banana supported by a chopstick against a vibrant green background with a paper texture overlay. The banana is adorned with an "ALTONICS" produce sticker, and the text "ils disent que ça durera plus longtemps" is displayed in a contemporary font. This composition emphasizes sustainable and creative packaging solutions, showcasing the agency's commitment to eco-friendly practices and visual appeal. The paper texture enhances the organic and sustainable theme of the design, reflecting innovative label designs and custom printed labels.
A dynamic poster from a creative label packaging design agency, showcasing a watermelon being sliced by a knife against a gradient red background with a paper texture overlay. The watermelon features an "ALTONICS" produce sticker, and the text "une expérience auditive exceptionnelle" in a bold, futuristic font. This design combines elements of surprise and visual intrigue, emphasizing the agency's expertise in innovative packaging and branding for produce. The paper texture enhances the tactile and visual appeal of the advertisement, integrating custom printed labels and unique label design concepts.
A minimalist label packaging design poster featuring a cluster of grapes skewered by a fork against a bright pink background with a paper texture overlay. The grapes are marked with an "ALTONICS" produce sticker, and the text "C'est une manière de le manger" is displayed in a modern, geometric font. This bold design emphasizes innovative packaging solutions and creative direction, using minimalistic yet striking visuals to highlight produce presentation. The paper texture adds a unique, tactile quality to the overall design, incorporating unique label design concepts and personalized labels for products.

Thats it? No, this page will be getting updated this week with the rest of the work that includes web, shipping packaging and creative campaigns launching Altonics.


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